Rolaz Gold Completes Its IEO And Listing, Set To Disrupt a Billion-Dollar Industry

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Rolaz is the world’s first tokenized hedge fund that’s powered by blockchain technology. Its mission is to facilitate the finance industry with a secure and a 360° financial ecosystem. Its first tokenized asset is a better alternative to other gold-related projects on the market. Though recently launched, Rolaz Gold hits the market with huge potential.

Today, the team is pleased to announce to the investing public that it has completed its initial exchange offering and token listing. Despite running the IEO campaign at a time when the crypto market is experiencing a downturn, the campaign has been able to achieve satisfactory results.

To encourage massive adoption of the token, the team is driving on three initiatives. First, the team plans to strengthen the price of the token. rGLD capitalization is guaranteed by gold, meaning every dollar raised will have its equivalent in gold. The gold market is certainly a major factor that will boost and stabilize the value of rGLD. Secondly, the team intends to deploy innovative strategies that will help accelerate the marketing campaign, and lastly, the team’s primary goal is to complete the first gold backup cycle, thus boosting and consolidating the project.

What Makes Investment In rGLD Special?

  • Corporate structure behind: Rolaz Group, an asset management company, is overseeing this project.
  • Supported by a Decentralized Investment Protocol: The protocol will facilitate a price increase for rGLD tokens by tokenizing other assets.
  • Asset-Backed Token: rGLD token capitalization’s value is represented by physical gold.
  • Limited Token Supply: As their value grows, the chance of retaining it increases as well.
  • Multiple Staking Scenarios: We will consistently provide investors with annual scenarios from which they can draw inspiration for successful investing.
  • Deflationary Token: In an effort to retain our token’s price stable, we attempt to be careful to maintain it as stable as possible.
  • Profitable Results: The gold mining operation handled by Rolaz Group has demonstrated an average return of over 50%, with no risks attached to the operation. In essence, your investment in the project is safe and secure.
  • Diverse investment portfolio: There will be a number of diverse options to opt for from when it comes to tokenized assets.
  • Transparency: The team’s dealings are highly transparent. Your investment in gold will earn you returns that are comparable to hedge funds. Plus, you will also be in control of your money.

Rolaz Gold aims to help investors of all income and risk tolerance levels to access the hedge fund industry. With rGLD, you can earn high returns from your investment. Now is the right time to invest in rGLD to support the project and protect your wealth from inflation.

About Rolaz Gold

Rolaz Gold (rGLD) token is the first tokenized (natural) asset from the Rolaz Decentralized Investment Protocol. In a nutshell, as the name implies, it’s a gold-backed token developed to stabilize and secure our Hedge Fund’s ecosystem. Rolaz Gold’s major function is to provide a price based on its gold value, in order to reduce volatility and protect our community from price fluctuations.

rGLD is the entry into an ecosystem developed with the objective of creating a decentralized economic model that allows our community to protect its assets in times of economic uncertainty no matter what. This is newsworthy because it provides an alternative to traditional financial systems which are often centralized and vulnerable to instability. The rGLD ecosystem is designed to be resilient and adaptable, giving users more control over their finances.
rGLD is the first step towards a more stable and prosperous future for all. With rGLD, you can have peace of mind knowing that your assets are safe no matter what happens in the world.
With the Rolaz Gold rGLD token investors of all income and risk tolerance will be able to invest in already operational gold mining ventures and be able to reap the rewards of this unique investment opportunity that in the past was only available to privileged few or someone with the right connections, is now openly available with the security and the transparency of blockchain behind it.

Why Gold?

As an asset management company, we have taken part in gold-related activities, such as mining (among others). We also relentlessly developed our appetite for cutting-edge technology that led to the merger of all our activities with the disruptive technology of blockchain. Direct participation in this activity has granted us a tremendous advantage in the marketplace, and over others that only act as intermediaries.

The volatile nature of cryptocurrencies is a hallmark of the cryptocurrency market. For this reason, gold plays a role in the stability of our ecosystem that makes it possible to prevent any possible price fluctuations.

How will the value of the token increase?

In reality, the market defines the price of the token based on certain criteria. We will provide the most appropriate scenario to help increase the price, among the factors we would like to share:

GOLD: The rGLD token’s capitalization is guaranteed by gold, meaning that every dollar raised should have its equivalent in gold. The first factor that will boost the value of a rGLD token is gold’s global market.

PROTOCOL: Second factor, are all other assets tokenized by the Rolaz protocol, which will generate a chain of added value trough the creation of a governance token to manage them all.

HEDGE FUND: Third factor is the Hedge Fund that will invest on behalf of token holders in traditional and non traditional markets and which 80% of the revenue will capitalized rGLD token. This process will be carried out by a voting system that only token holders can participate in.

BURNING (DEFLATIONARY SYSTEM): We have measures in place that prevents iinflation from worsening in inflationary environments in addition to other safeguards we handle. During the staking process, we burn 50% of the rGLD tokens. So, in total, 50% of the rGLD tokens are paid out upon maturity, while the other 50% is transferred in cryptocurrency.

GOLD BACKUP CYCLE: When a backup cycle completes, the demand for rGLDs rises as it means gold is physically stored.

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First tokenized hedge fund powered by a decentralized investment protocol, set to disrupt a trillion-dollar industry