How to buy a token

2 min readAug 11, 2022


Hi all! We are happy if you want to buy a token and start your promising future with rGLD 📈

In turn, we have done everything possible to ensure that your investment in gold is safe, so we have chosen trusted exchanges. We try to minimize the risks of aggressive price fluctuations.

  • choose one of the partners: Coinsbit, P2P/P2B, and PancakeSwap;
  • register and fill in your data;
  • pay attention to the exchange rate;
  • predict how much money you need to exchange to buy rGLD;
  • deposit money into the account and make an exchange.

Bravo, you are now the owner of the rGLD stable token 🙌

You can find all direct links to the rGLD token from our partners through the Rolaz Gold website. Our

And we want to point out several essential factors why you need to invest now:
- an affordable price for the purchase of rGLD;
- the prospect of rGLD growth to $1.5–2 before the end of the year;
- implementation of the NFT marketplace;
- farming (soon): We deem that contributing to the liquidity of our project ought to be rewarded.

Participate in the Coinsbit staking pool right now and get 1.2% per week




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