From here on, we look to the future

2 min readAug 11, 2022


We are glad to welcome our readers. We are Rolaz Group — an international holding company. We invest our experience and resources in the development of new innovative projects. Today we want to introduce you to our project — a tokenized fund. Rolaz Hedge Fund — the first tokenized hedge fund powered by its Blockchain Decentralized Investment Protocol. We have created a unique ecosystem where everyone can invest in gold while minimizing the risks of market emergencies thanks to Rolaz Gold rGLD token. In 2021, we did a lot of work to launch successfully.

✅IEO: First token sale
✅CEX listing: on two major exchange
✅Website launched V2: UI and other resources improvement

✅ Complete 1st and 2nd backing cycle
✅ Stabilization reaches a price of $1 — $1.5
✅ Finish Stacking platform Thus, we leave time to achieve these three goals.

Once we reach them, the first quarter of 2023 will focus on the remaining cycles, new tokenized assets for staking, and the NFT market.

Stay with us until the next step, and don’t forget where you can buy rGLD




First tokenized hedge fund powered by a decentralized investment protocol, set to disrupt a trillion-dollar industry