Breaking Down the First Product of the Rolaz Decentralized Investment Protocol

5 min readJun 25, 2022


Breaking Down the First Product of the Rolaz Decentralized Investment Protocol

Rolaz Gold (rGLD) is the first product of the Rolaz Decentralized Investment Protocol. Ever since it was released back in September 2021, it has been the talk of the town in multiple crypto communities. But although so many people have heard of it, only a small percentage know what rGLD is, what sort of value it aims to provide, and how it’s going to change the way people invest in gold.

To help clear all that up for you, this post will break down the rGLD token and explain the most important details about it — including what it is, how it works, and how it’s going to revolutionize the gold investment industry.

What Exactly Is the Rolaz Gold Token?

In a nutshell, rGLD is rGLD is an asset-backed token that was launched back in September 2021 and is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20). It has a limited supply to ensure it maintains its value in the long run.

But why is it important? Well, to summarize its importance, it’s valuable because it allows everyone a chance to invest in gold mining operations ONLINE. The reason we have capitalized the word online is that it symbolizes the main value behind rGLD. You see, since rGLD is hosted on the world of Web3, it allows people a safer and more transparent way to buy, sell, and trade gold from a significantly larger audience than they would find in their local market.

How Does the Rolaz Gold Token Work?

It’s pretty simple. You buy rGLD and whether you trade, stake, or simply hold it, you will receive the promised benefits.

As for its economy and how the token is sustainable, here’s a great explanation.

The Economy of the rGLD Token

The rGLD token will have a fixed supply of 50 million tokens. Out of those 50 million tokens, 35 million will be available for public sale, and they will have a base price of approximately $1.5. So the overall market capitalization will be about $52.5 million. In case all tokens aren’t sold, that’s no cause for worry. The Rolaz Group ensures price stability through the deflationary policy and the tokenization of new assets from the protocol.

Furthermore, half of the staked tokens will be burned, and half will be refunded along with additional promised returns in the form of cryptocurrency. The burn formula will help token holders tremendously as the token’s value increases with time as supply decreases. Put another way, it’s a deflationary token.

But how does the burn formula work in the real world? That’s best explained with an example. Let’s consider for instance that a user named Bill stakes $100 worth of rGLD for one year with a 50% return. That totals $150 ($100 initial plus $50 in returns). Now, since half of the staked tokens will be burned instantly, for Bill, that is $50 worth of tokens. So only $50 will be returned to Bill in rGLD. The remaining $100 will be paid back in cryptocurrency.

How Will rGLD Revolutionize Gold Investment?

Before we talk about how rGLD will revolutionize gold investment, let’s first talk about why it was created in the first place.

The Problem that Led to the Creation of rGLD

If you know anything about the hedge fund industry, you know that it’s long overdue for change. We have seen technological advances in all major industries, yet the hedge fund structure has mostly resisted leveraging new technologies.

The Rolaz Group puts it this way, “The natural evolution of the hedge fund industry is to create a more transparent, trusted, and accessible investable universe for all. DeFi (decentralized finance) has grown greatly, enabling progressive and innovative businesses to be at the forefront of change in the industry. DeFi is precisely what the hedge fund industry desperately needs.”

To help get the technological wheels rolling in the hedge fund industry, Rolaz introduced the revolutionary rGLD — the first asset issued by the Rolaz hedge fund, tokenizing the already operational gold mining projects.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s talk about how rGLD will revolutionize the way people invest in gold.

rGLD Provides a Better Way to Invest In Gold

Did you know the top hedge funds of the world averaged just above 11% in 2020? This represents a trivial percentage when compared to rGLD, which has proven an average rate of return of 50% with no additional risks involved. So, by utilizing the decentralized nature of the blockchain, Rolaz has boosted its return rates by significant margins.

At the time of this writing, the Rolaz investment portfolio is backing gold because they have been in the gold mining operations for a long time. However, in the near future, they plan to add more innumerable operations of the world’s scarcest and most expensive assets to their portfolio, including cobalt, lithium, and more. So eventually, it will become a sustainability revolution for multiple real assets.

What’s more, the Rolaz Group plans to create a decentralized investment platform that will have the functionalities to tokenize these natural, financial, and investment assets. Once they are tokenized, they will then be grouped and opened to all people — no matter their background — for investment. This will create an inclusive environment that’s also transparent and trusted due to the nature of DeFi.

The Many Reasons to Invest In rGLD

All investors of rGLD will benefit from their portfolio because it will give them multiple investment options and eventually increase the overall value of the token as well as the entire ecosystem.

The rGLD token will benefit stakers, long-term holders, and traders.

Token holders will profit from the ever-growing price of rGLD tokens. Since the mechanism of rGLD has been geared towards accelerating the price with time, the price is certain to increase.

Token stakers will receive the promised rate of return from multiple investment scenarios. What’s more, rGLD provides several staking options to allow investors to tailor their portfolios as per their risk appetite.

Token traders can buy rGLD, hold on to it, and when the price eventually increases, sell them for a profit margin.

What’s more, rGLD token holders and stakers will enjoy multiple benefits, among which the following three are the most noteworthy:

1. Guaranteed High ROI: Both token holders and stakers are likely to earn a high ROI, with stakers guaranteed to get an annual return of over 50%!

2. Stake In a Project With Sky-High Potential: Although it’s fairly popular already, rGLD is not mainstream yet. If this token enters the mainstream media — which is highly likely — you can expect all investors to enjoy a significant boost in their profits.

3. Take Part In the Revolution of the Hedge Fund Industry: rGLD is a revolutionary token. By investing in it, you get to be a part of the revolution of the hedge fund industry. As you know, people who get in early in revolutionary projects are the ones who benefit the most from them.

The Bottom Line

rGLD is a revolutionary token that is designed to provide people with an investment opportunity that will protect their wealth in times of economic uncertainty. It gives you a chance to earn over 50% annual profits by simply staking this token. You will earn your profits while your money is stored in real and functioning gold mining operations. Oh, and did we mention that the rGLD token is the backbone of the Rolaz Group’s upcoming NFT marketplace?




First tokenized hedge fund powered by a decentralized investment protocol, set to disrupt a trillion-dollar industry